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It all is a part of your amazing dance!

“When you stumble, make it part of the dance!”

Suzy Toronto

Happy New Year’s everyone! As we stand on the precipice ready to jump into a new year and start to dance again, instead of looking at what did not go right in the past, we must focus our attention on what did!  When we focus our attention on all of our achievements over the past year, those that include surviving significant challenges that we may have faced, we bring an incredibly uplifting energy to what lies ahead.  That magical and miraculous strength that we have developed over time has allowed us to build a more solid foundation for us to grow even more.  The belief in ourselves that only arises from standing steadfast and true to who we are is a gift that is gained as our confidence blossoms.  And instead of crumbling under what we perceive to be the weight of the world, we rejoice in the fact that we have decided to stand up and let it fall from our shoulders so that we can persevere again.  Much can be learned from the lessons that life brings our way if we remember that there are two sides to every coin.  With sadness, there can come much happiness from the outreach of a warm embrace when we least expect it and need it most.  With financial hardships, there can come a sense of abundance through the love and support we may receive along the way.  With sickness, there can come a sense of appreciation for the health and harmony that we do experience and otherwise take for granted.  There are two sides to every coin, every situation and it does become our choice as to which side we decide to focus on.  So if we choose to bring more love, laughter, fun, joy and happiness into our lives this new year, then stop staring at the negative and flip the coin. If we choose to dance, when we stumble and keep moving forward,  it is not a cause for alarm because it becomes a part of the celebration that we are alive in this moment.  And as long as we make the decision not to quit, that celebration can be ours every day we open our eyes to the potential that lies ahead. So Happy New Year to you all my friends, may you choose to experience days filled with love, light and happiness as we continue to walk this journey together!!   And remember to celebrate it all, for it all is a part of your amazing dance!

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