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Dare to do great things

“Nothing great has ever been achieved except by those who dared to believe that something inside them was superior to circumstances.”

Bruce Barton

We were all born with the ability to nurture ourselves past any hurdle or challenge that life presents. Couple the nurturing with a fastidious belief in all that is possible and we are not stopped by our experience of what is! When we make the decision that today is the day to start to nurture the vision that we have for our life, then we will be able to whittle away our insecurities only to find that confident person waiting to burst out and on to the scene.  Time to start believing that when the going gets tough, we are all superior to our circumstances!  And that is the truth! If life is all an illusion anyway, then wouldn’t it be fantastic to choose the illusion that we so desire! Dare to do great things friends and the universe will answer to the call! Think big and we shall flourish. Just don’t give up and we will never know defeat even in failure! We shall only know success because as we keep moving forward and dare to do great things, we will have accomplished more than we could ever imagine!

Magical Key to Bliss:   Dare to do great creative amazing things today!

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