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Who are you going to believe?

“All of what you are going through has a purpose. It will teach you empathy so that you can relate and help others someday.” Mary Jo Nocero

Which part of you are you going to believe? Will you believe the proverbial “devil” or the “angel” that sits on your shoulder? The devil is your ego afraid and in fear of the unknown. The angel is your soul already free from the illusions of the world. The devil is only a caricature of that part of your persona that yearns for love. You must acknowledge that part of you and embrace it so that the fear of being wounded again does not overtake you. The angel is only a caricature of that part of your persona that knows that you are love. You must acknowledge that part of you so that you start to believe that you are divine. Both parts serve a higher purpose. Both sides offer you perspective as your life unfolds. Both sides allow you to awaken and transform as you become more aware and liberated. Both sides are important and must be in balance in the reality that we are human and at the same time divine. Be the observer where before you may have been a judge. Step back and experience the moments where the ego wants to take over and dominate. Allow the soul, the divine you, to give it love and care. Be the observer to your past experiences. You are the person you are now because of what you have gone through. Believe the duality of your life holds profound meaning and embrace both! Ultimately you will come to realize that the compassion gained from loving all of you will make a difference in your life and in the lives of others someday. And to that I say Amen! It is all so worth it!

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