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El Camino de Amore 2018-the Road of Love

El Camino de Amore

Who am I? Just another soul walking on this road.

Who am I? Doing my best to bring a little more love and find a story to be told.

Who am I? Looking to you my friend for the key to be free.

Who am I?

Taking back my power to show up authentically.

Who am I ? To each of us as we find the other as we roam.

Who am I?

eternally grateful to each one of you for each day you are walking me home!

Who am I?

I am magical, I am passion, I am all I am meant to be.

Who am I?

I am the road, El Camino, for now you are all a part of me!

For when I let go, I remind my feet that they were not here to suffer but to dance, the pain went away and with Love, El Amore, peace was finally given a chance!

Love wins!❤Es un Buen Camino


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