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Want More Joy and Solution Discovery? Time for a Shift

Want More Joy and Solution Discovery? Time for a Shift

“I love you so much I don’t care what you think.” Abraham Hicks

Want more joy and solution discovery? Joy is a challenging concept when you are caught up in the drama life seems to dish out. Tired of waking up each morning listless and unexcited by the day because of a fix me oriented approach to life, solution discovery is hard to believe. Wanting more unconditional love and joy, I would do well to shift out of self sabotaging behavior and focus more on self-love. By shifting the spotlight from what is wrong with me to what is right, I align with my inner being so that I know better in what direction I need to go. If I want more joy, it is time to surrender the need to fix my problems and shift to unconditional love that comes from aligning with my authentic self to anticipate solution discovery.

From Problem Thuggery to Solution Discovery

You are living in this world, getting new ideas each and every day. If you are beating yourself up because your attention is locked on to the problems presented, then you are never going to be able to see the solutions. You need to allow yourself to be who you really are. To take a step towards more joy, be at peace with the pain and look towards the new horizons that are awaiting you. People have a tendency to outsource their experience to the good opinion of others while ignoring their internal guidance. However, when you tune into the source and reach for satisfying thoughts, you become more aware to discover the joyful life experience that you came to this world to see.

Set out Your Desires and Trust the Process

Problems allow you to understand the value in the contrast. To truly appreciate the wonder, it is important to know what is not so wonderful. However, you don’t need to stay there! Solutions are waiting to align with the desires you set out again and again. To manifest, trust the process that the universe will provide and set out to see solution discovery. Love yourself and life as it is, the opportunity to experience the various moments. Free others from the responsibility for how you feel by being accountable.  This is key. Take responsibility for your own your feelings and be the badass you know you are.   You have the ability to align with source regardless of the conditions that surround you. From a place of love, build yourself up so that you can have fun with this once around. When you are strong again, you can use your discoveries to build others up as well. Together we rise!

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