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Try walking in my shoes!

“Now I’m not looking for absolution Forgiveness for the things I do But before you come to any conclusions Try walking in my shoes.” Depeche Mode, Excerpt of lyrics from Try Walking in My Shoes

Feeling an overwhelming sense of compassion. Walking in my shoes, experiencing my world right now.  Feeling the pain on this journey, witnessing the damage after the storm. Letting go, absolution comes from forgiving myself. Watching others go about their business, wondering if they have experienced the same.  Knowing the fragility that is there, even if I cannot see it.  Reaching out.  Feeling relief in the nourishment of connection, ultimately grateful for the opportunity of new life as I walk in my shoes.

No judgments. Seeing the world through mature eyes. With what has been damaged, the power of determination has seen me through.  With what has been broken, strength that comes from an inner light allows for other areas to compensate for what has been lost. Disappointments from unrealized expectations, replaced by a higher power that never lets me down. Incredible possibilities that are introduced as I never give up.  Taking this ride now, not asking for forgiveness for who I am.  Flying a bit higher from the gifts that have been gained from what I have gone through. Growing greater in faith as I surrender to self-love, leaving criticism and self-sabotage behind. Walking on into this new sunrise, come as you are, in appreciation of each one of you!

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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!

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Try walking in my shoes! was originally published on Meg Nocero

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