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Finding Freedom in Forgiveness!

“The secret to happiness is freedom… and the secret to freedom is courage.” Thucydides

The Secret to Happiness is Freedom

When I resigned from my government job, I dreamt of experiencing the thrill of freedom. I was determined to manifest my new destiny as an entrepreneur. As a twenty year professional in the field of law, I grew weary of punching a clock day in and day out. Knowing I gave it my all on the daily, freedom from lookin over my shoulder for a manager on the warpath was not my idea of happiness.

The freedom that I felt when I made the choice to set out on my own was thrilling. Although I struggled with leaving behind the golden handcuffs of a steady paycheck, I was ready. I could not fake it anymore. I was ready to get inspired by possibility again and start anew based upon a solid foundation. And, I felt truly happy when I cleared out my office and closed the door behind me for the last time.

The Secret to Freedom is Courage

It took me awhile to submit that resignation letter that would leave to significant change. I had to weight the pros and cons. I had to think about my responsibility. But, I also had to recognize how unhappy I was in a position that had no upward mobility and whose subject matter was growing increasingly just plain nasty.

I was more excited than scared, but I had to muster a courage to propel me forward. And, I wanted no regrets in life. If it would take me at least ten more years before I could actually retire, I was more afraid that I would not have the energy or even ability with two kids in college to restart. So, I found the strength to just do it and walk a new path.

The Secret to Courage is Forgiveness

But, in addition to my own pitfalls and daily external tensions, it has been a challenging year. Since closing that chapter, a lot of habitual beliefs have surfaced from childhood patterns. As one of my mentors says, it has been a time for a clarity cleanse of sorts. While I have fallen into the trap of past bad habits, instead of numbing out, I forced myself to examine them. And, falling clearly short of perfection, forgiveness is the tool that I grab.

As Socrates counseled, “the unexamined life is not worth living.” And, if truth be told, I asked and I received. Everything that appears in my life today is in direct response to the questions that needed to be addressed to move forward. Once I know better, I am actually able to forgive the child within who did not. And then, I have the freedom to initiate a new habit of choosing courageous and powerful thoughts and ideas. Nothing holds you back now as you elevate to a higher consciousness. Through forgiveness, courage comes. Through courage, freedom is yours. And with freedom, bliss is right around the corner.

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Finding Freedom in Forgiveness! was originally published on Meg Nocero

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