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Believe Beyond the Blocks and You Will Find Your Tribe

“Remember your dreams and fight for them. You must know what you want from life. There is just one thing that makes your dream become impossible: the fear of failure.” Paulo Coelho

What Are You Going to Believe?

This has been quite an interesting year. Setting out to create your own business is no small feat. Exciting, yes! Scary, yes! Many things come up as to whether or not you believe enough in your ability to persevere. As such, it is not a surprise that all the negative habitual blocks rise up to greet you. When you need a strong belief in self to be your superpower most, this is the time that those fears make their appearances known.

Fear edges in its ugly head. Maybe you think that it is to protect you. Maybe you are unaware that it is a form of self sabotage.  Either way, a conscious state of mind will be your greatest ally to get beyond the blocks that can lead to pitfalls.

So, if you are en route to a path that allows you to realize your dreams, then it is time to decide to believe beyond the blocks and beyond the fears.

Are You Ready to Remember Your Dreams and Fight For Them?

Having made the initial leap of faith with courage and conviction, now is not the time to allow doubt to creep in. Oh, be on notice, if you engage, doubt will envelope you, find a home, and delay your success. So, remember those dreams that make you smile. Get intentional about how you want to realize the unfolding. You could be closer than you actually think. You are willing to fight for so much, now is the time to fight for what makes you come alive.

I have often contemplated a life without the celebration of ideas and innovation. It seems like such a dark and dreary existence. There is so much that can happen on the road to your dreams fruition. There are so many wonderful people that you get to meet along the way. It seems almost silly to allow blocks or a negative mindset to take those experiences from you. Keep living in possibility, believe beyond the blocks, bet on yourself each and every time! Keep walking the path and leave room for miracles of abundance. You will get there and continue to build your beautiful castle.

Believe that Your Vibe Will Attract Your Tribe

Writing can be very isolating. As a natural extrovert and lover of all kinds of people, after months of sitting on my writer’s bench, moving out into the world can be very intimidating. Remember those sabotaging fears! They can threaten to take up residence. There can appear feelings of unworthiness as you embark on a new project. Perhaps, you have lost a bit of yourself where you jump full force into a new endeavor.

A shift can occur if you choose to get intentional and allow it. Those things that keep you up at night and tear at your soul diminish when you set out to elevate the vibration with other positive souls. When you consciously change your vibe, set your blocks aside, it is amazing the kind of tribe you attract. Over and over again, I know a small adjustment in my world view leads to incredible change. Even more so, I am convinced that if you want to elevate your life to meet your dreams, you have to believe beyond the blocks that those who will support and love you will show up. And, there is such an incredible feeling when they do! For if you believe that the life you have always wanted is about to come true, then get ready for magic and miracles to happen surrounded by your tribe to share in the joy as well!

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