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Manifesting with Meg: Episode 12-October – Empowered Through Service with Randee Lehrer

Manifesting with Meg: Episode 12-October – Empowered Through Service with Randee Lehrer

Empowered Through Service in October with special guest the talented Randee Lehrer. Check out this conversation and get inspired. Randee Lehrer is a leadership and executive coach who empowers women and men to rise into leadership roles without sacrificing themselves or their families in the process. With an MBA from the University of Tampa and more than 20 years of business expertise at the senior management and C-suite levels, Randee has a solid record of success at top-tier healthcare organizations. She, through designing strategies and operating structures, improving processes and best practices, builds and empowers teams of top talent. She introduces competitive provider networks and products into new markets. Randee focused her value on providing clarity, direction, and positive changes in the forms of mentorship, coaching, motivation, team-building, wellness, and work-life balance programs. In founding Energrowth Coaching, Randee has continued her vision of helping executives and rising executives to achieve higher satisfaction in their careers. Manifesting with Meg is a monthly FBLive/videocast taking the listener through the year with empowering conversations based upon the format of the author, Meg Nocero’s The Magical Guide to Bliss. October is the month of Empowered Through Service and deliberate creation. Join us, get empowered and inspired to make the changes you need to manifest the most amazing life of your dreams! And go get your copy of The Magical Guide to Bliss on or go to Blessings & Bliss!

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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!

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