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The Year of Magical Thinking-Time to Dream!

How silly it sounds to me that we need to make time to dream- dreaming is as natural a state as breathing;  apparently I am currently challenged with both- that is ridiculous to me – yet my meditation tool tells me to inhale more deeply and release at the same intensity. A new habit to be relearned. Perhaps dreaming is the same thing?

The visual that came to me when my life went awry was Disney inspired (at least my imagination goes to the happiest place on earth – although it might seem like a nightmare). I am on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride- going along until I see the big Pirate ship – feeling pretty confident until my boat jumps the tracks- the tracks that keep you on course so you get to the end- my boat just started floating around in this dark place.  At first, I was in shock as I just was floating around, hoping that someone would help me back on track. Just sitting in the boat all by myself- not sure where all the people disappeared to. Listening to the bombs all around, feeling like I was stuck- trapped really, paralyzed by fear and anxiety as I started to realize that this may be my new reality. Then after a while- I saw the obvious oar right in front of me- where had that been the whole time? Perhaps through my tears, I did not want to see it- I saw only one solution to get back on the tracks and that was it! I was not ready before that one aha moment- then the shift happened- Well I started paddling, if you have been on the ride- it took me through the pirates, the fires, people singing, dark- dark dark – all dark! But then the light starts to eek in – as it did I started paddling faster and started seeing people who were reaching out to help me on this new journey, this new path of life.

To tell you the truth, I never want to get on a fixed track again. It is much more exciting and calming at the same time to paddle along open waters because that is where dreams can become reality.  I choose to take people I love and trust with me, so we can get past the stormy waters of life together and enjoy the beautiful view.  Perhaps if I stayed on the path I thought that was fated for me, I would never have discovered how strong I could be, how creative I could be and how wondrous my life could be.  My personal religion becomes a new appreciation of what lies before me, kindness and one based in love. A sense of renewed discovery that we have only just begun to learn about. It is a beautiful world! Amazing really- that out of the darkness comes dreams anew!  Light shining light!

So I know I will never return to that fixed path, maturation process will not allow for that. When  I open my eyes and step into the sun, I know this adventure has only just begun- so I allow dreams to come on through me, how about today you do that too? Let a new path guide you and connect with others, dream with others and rejoice with others! Breath (if you need some help with this- I have some great recommendations)!  So now I am on a different kind of boat, one where the wind takes me to wonderful places, and the sunrise is welcoming and the sunset miraculous.  One with a very different view that gives birth to amazing possibilities. Have a wonderful day!!!


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