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Meg’s August Book Club: Featuring She Writes 2021 Cohort and Indie Authors, Carolyn Arnold and

BOOK CLUB- August Picks

Meg’s Book Club introduces up-and-coming debut authors – one of my favorite things! For August, introducing the She Writes Press 2021 Cohort with a spotlight on authors Carolyn Arnold and Wendy Sanford.

These Walls Between Us: A Memoir of Friendship Across Race and Class

By Wendy Sanford

These Walls Between Us: A Memoir of Friendship Across Race and Class

I am a white woman, a former women’s health activist, and a Protestant campus minister. I’m 77 years old, retired from all but writing. I live with my spouse of 42 years, Polly Attwood.

Inspiration I wrote These Walls Between Us in order to reflect on, and honor, the still-evolving sixty-year friendship between Mary Norman and myself, and to chronicle how we came to call each other friends.

Though we are close in age, we met in my mother’s kitchen; Mary was the Black “help” and I the privileged white daughter. Years later, my work as a co-author of Our Bodies, Ourselves, a widely-selling resource on women’s health and sexuality, prompted me to face my unexamined biases around class and race. These Walls Between Us offers lessons from my oft-stumbling efforts, as a white woman, to see Mary Norman more fully and to become a more dependable friend.

Other Details

These Walls Between Us will be out on October 5, 2021.

You can contact her through her website:

Fifty First Dates after Fifty: A Memoir        

By Carolyn Lee Arnold

Fifty First Dates after Fifty: A Memoir    

I’m Carolyn Lee Arnold, and my book is a memoir called Fifty First Dates after Fifty. I’m a former educational researcher and song-writer turned memoir writer, a relationship workshop assistant who hikes and travels, and a free-spirit who lives in the SF Bay Area with my partner, one of my fifty dates.

My memoir is about the quest I undertook in my late fifties to find a committed male partner: I challenged myself to go on 50 dates in order to get over my previous non-committal boyfriend and find the right partner for me. Within the SF Bay Area New Age world of personal growth workshops and spiritual ceremonies, I navigated the highs and lows of dating and managed to turn my search for love into a sexy adventure of self-discovery and self-love along the way to a man who matches my spirit. The story includes a lot of take-aways about dating and relationships.


Although I experienced the usual ups and downs of dating, I mainly enjoyed myself during this “dating project,” and I found the man who was the perfect partner for me.  I noticed that many women my age considered dating a discouraging slog on a long rough highway, and either just gave up or settled for the first guy who came along.  I wanted to share the ways I approached dating that kept me from being discouraged and kept me going even when I was rejected, as well as give women hope that they can find their perfect partner as well. Being sexual was a big part of dating for me, so I wanted to provide a positive vision of dating for older women that included effective communication, self-care, emotional responsibility, and joyful sexual freedom.

Other Details

Release date is 11.2.21 For more information, including ways to pre-order and dating resources, Go to Follow me on Facebook:  CarolynLeeArnoldAuthor Instagram:  Carolyn.lee.arnold Contact me at:

Give love to your imagination and your future by reading a new book!  


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