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The Pact of the “Los Tres Magos”: the Three Magi

It was 2011. There were three of us very frustrated with our professional paths at the time.  There were three of us. One an intellectual and skeptic, wanting so much more yet believing that because he had responsibilities, he was destined to follow a path that did not allow for passion.  One was an incredibly introspective person who embodied kindness. Looking for direction in his life, open to possibility and forever seeking a path that would have his third eye expand.  And I was the third.  I was dissatisfied with settling having just watched my mother pass away. Looking for understanding out of the chaos and confusion that presented itself, I was ready and willing to break out of the traditional mold that was offered to me as the only option.  Knowing as well that I had responsibilities of my own, yet wanting, no needing to move into another direction where passion met with life’s purpose.  I was too scared to do this on my own, so the pact was exactly what I needed to get behind, for two others were willing to join me side by side by side.  The three of us were looking for an outlet to express our creativity and in that vein, the pact of “Los Tres Magos” came to light. We set out terms, we collaborated throwing around possible ideas as to what direction we would like to take, and we set a date that matched the title, January 6th, a date when three royal magi arrived at their destination bearing gifts after traveling under the guidance of a bright and brilliant North star.

January 6, 2012 came and went. We were all three still at the same job on that date, life events were unfolding all around us and we lost sight of this arbitrary deadline.  Yet, perhaps all three of us would remember the pact, perhaps subconsciously, made. For now, January 6, 2017 quickly approaches, a date that will in fact mark significant movement for these Magi that will hopefully bear precious gifts of gold with personal success, of frankincense when we allow our senses to take in the sweet perfume of life, and of myrrh as we use this forward movement as the medicine necessary to heal the past and welcome the future.

One moved on to a promotion in the same area of law yet a different department and a better environment, still secure that he will be able to meet his responsibilities while freeing up space to invite creativity closer and closer into his life ( he just does not know it yet).  One has become a guru of sorts, launching out on an incredibly exciting path that will allow the universe to conspire in his favor. Knowing full well that new beginnings will in fact offer him growth that will catapult a newfound freedom that is more than well deserved, he has a courage that is inspiring.  Maintaining his integrity and character throughout the process, exploring his own spirituality in a way that encourages others to follow his lead, standing ready to offer new hope to those who cross his path, he will make a positive difference, this goes without saying.

And then I made three, the third Magi, and I see it as appropriate that the tiara is the tool that I claim to stand in my rightful place.  I see this date as important for me because of what it does offer, movement. Movement out of and towards. Nothing holding me back now. Creativity is still what I crave and lo and behold it is what I have manifested in my life. S.H.I.N.E, Magical Guide to Bliss, Sparkle & Shine, the Sunrise of my Soul’s Bliss, all brought to me because of getting intentional and opening up my mind to the creator’s gifts in my life.  That pact, while silly to some, was necessary to those who were involved.  You see, this ritual of sorts, was brought to light the same way the North Star shone bright, out of necessity.  We needed it then and we need it now. Closure of a part of our lives, that will for sure open up blessings in other areas.  No doubt, whether we are aware or not, January 6th will be an Epiphany of sorts as there are no coincidences, just amazing synchronicities that unfold so beautifully and effortlessly as we trust the process of life.  Thought this story of the modern Magi was too amazing not to share. So the pact of “Los Tres Magos” has been unfolding since its inception as I am sure that it will continue to do in the future.  While we came together out of a distinct desire for something better, we can all stand with pride as each one of us continues to follow our own bright, brilliant North Stars and embrace the unknown as to where it will lead us next.  Each one of us impacting the other and encouraging each other on.  Always protected by our own angels to ensure that we all arrive safely at our destination, just as the three Magi were guided and protected all those years ago, our new adventure has just begun and as timing would have it, we are all three ready!

Photo of two of the three Magi-

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