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The Empowered Artist

What do you think about when you hear the term the “Empowered Artist”?   I think of the person who works on a daily basis to hone their skills at a particular task or occupation.  I see in my mind’s eye the creative ones who take time out of their busy day to align with the beautiful magic that is waiting to pour from their soul.   I listen for the wisdom of those who have memorialized their discoveries and have lent a hand to further innovation. And, I watch for those who never give up after having made mistakes only to rise with the magnificence of their miraculous gifts to make a difference in the world.  The “Empowered Artist” is one who continues to marry creativity with passion as he/she maintains a curiosity to the unfolding as they get closer and closer to what makes their heart happy. Empowered artists can be doctors, lawyers, painters, singers, politicians, chefs, maintenance, you name it. There is a light surrounding them when they walk into a room.  You will be sure to recognize them. And even in light of failures and successes, they do not abandon their craft- they cannot turn their back on their mission to use their gifts to empower and enlighten others. 

We truly are living in interesting times. Notice I did not say unique as I am quite certain that if you make it your mission, you will not have to venture far back to find that this news cycle has played out before in Modern history.  For you will discover that history does have an uncanny way of repeating itself, that is if you wake up to this reality and start to pay attention. The realization that I come to over and over again, is that as each one of us “wakes up” in an existential sense, the kernels of truth of the lessons learned from the past will be applied to the present so as to ensure a better result.  The enlightened ones throughout time immemorial start to notice how patterns show up over and over again.  These patterns give rise to individuals who step up to embrace the darkness or the light.  You, yourself, may even comment that a particular leader who is emerging to center stage reminds you of a character that you studied in your history books or even perhaps as a part of modern folklore.  Perhaps, you will recognize someone who is finding the voice of hope and love to empower others to rise so that all of us may benefit from their contributions. Or maybe, you will highlight a person who is using fear, anger and despair as a tactic to win over control of those hearts and minds that feel such despair that no end is in sight.  The two different energies rise up as if the script were already written.  The parts are now being handed out to those who choose to be a part of the next chapter of this saga in life.  You get to choose whether you will accept the role as a passive observer just waiting to be saved or as the “empowered artist” who is ready to change the narrative and start to write an inspired and powerfully uplifting story.

And if you identify with the hero, the empowered artist, in your narrative, you can be sure to set out on the journey open to the experience.  As you follow your internal guide clarifying your intentions for the highest good as your principal goal, only to be accompanied by the ego in a minor not dominant role, then each person who crosses your path can be empowered to join a different kind of revolution. One that is based in love, not greed. One that is founded in a desire to learn, not to walk numb. One that is filled with possibility and hope, not with despair and anger.  You will be able to decipher the truth from the lies as you come more in touch with how you feel.  For you and I will benefit if we all start to acknowledge that each one of us has an internal compass.  And each one of us can be and empowered artist who does not need saving, but stands ready to persist. Especially during the most challenging cycles in history, there is born an opportunity to be extraordinary.  Now is the time to step up. And once you DO embrace the empowered artist founded in good within, don’t be surprised how many others artists start to show up to share their gifts with you to. And this is how patterns in history change. This is how we come to light and come to life. This is how great stories are written. This is how we come alive and create more empowered artists working together to save the world.

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The Empowered Artist was originally published on Meg Nocero

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