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Something MAJESTIC is waiting for MAJESTIC you!

“I’ve seen the majestic beauty of nature and the overwhelming perfection of it. To me, there’s nothing closer to God than that.”

Cote de Pablo

As you run back and forth, move from here and there, get up and down, spend hours in front of your computer, I invite you today to take a moment to take in the majestic moments before they pass you by.  All you have to do is look up and pay attention to what is always something new and exciting, life happening all around us.  Something whose impressive beauty is just waiting for you to behold. Perhaps, glance out the window and take in the incredible vista that is calling to you.  Nature buzzing along, springtime awakening,  a wonderful surprise waiting around every corner.   And all you have to do is to step outside to connect to the overwhelming perfection of it.  Exhale in love, exhale gratitude at the opportunity to be a part of this majestic life.

Walking with my son at sunset the other night, he used the word “majestic” to describe our tri-color shetland sheepdog as she trotted along Biscayne Bay near our home.  I said “I love that word, why did you choose that word?” And he replied, “look at her, how she carries herself, with the wind in her hair, on purpose, she knows who she is, she knows her beauty.”  And I thought to myself, if she walks around as if this moment was made precisely for her, then perhaps we should hold ourselves “majestically” as well and do the same.  The next day, a colleague at work, shared with me her beautiful double rainbow that appeared right before she picked up her children from school. When she shared the photo with the caveat that it did not even compare to what she saw, the word majestic came to my mind again. And I thought to myself, wow, there are so many moments during each day, where our majestic selves have the opportunity to connect with that something majestic waiting for each of us to behold.  We just have to look up, pay attention to life happening all around and don’t forget to share the experience with others. That thrill and feeling of exhilaration, perhaps that is the awe and wonder that is described as miraculous, nothing closer to God! So if you want some of that, know how majestic you are and accept the invitation today and everyday, to carry yourself with purpose and become a rainbow chaser of majestic things-and just wait for your daily surprises!

Photo credit: Melba

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