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So I quit, now what? The next chapter unfolds.

“There is always so much ahead, and it is so clearly seen. . .”

Dorothea Brande

A final glance around the room taking in the love gained from years of serving together.  One last opportunity to express my gratitude for their part on my journey thus far. One last sentiment of profound appreciation for the honor and privilege to see this dream unfold. One last smile acknowledging the lessons learned and the friendships made. And when I shut the door one last time to Rm, 256, my corner office since 2003, I breathed deeply and took in that momentous occasion, knowing full well that a chapter of my story had ended and another was just beginning.

Having chosen courage over fear, my next step was to a chart a course that aligned with my own imagination of what is possible for me.  The evolution from worrier to warrior has begun with the intention to bring others along with me.  I’ve already written this part of my magical story, a lifetime in the unfolding.  I have already seen what happens next, and it was too good to pass up by staying in the safety and security of what I have known.  There is so much ahead, and as long as I maintain a belief in myself coupled with an uncanny curiosity to what comes next what an adventure it will be.  So many have asked me, what are my plans. And in response, with my blueprint to guide my way, I can only say it is time to wake up and live and act as if it were impossible to fail, whatever unfolds before me.

The door now shut behind me, I took in that last moment on a steamy August 4th afternoon.  As I held back tears, overwhelmed with emotion, my friend calls out to me, “don’t be late for your own celebration!” I did it. I made the decision to move forward. And the support in response will propel me to great heights. I look at my name plate one last time knowing that the next week a new occupant would take over the space that was too small for me. The butterfly has burst out from the cocoon and I am free. I am free to live my “meg”nificence knowing that faith and surrender will always be . If you are curious, I too cannot wait to see! The unfolding of my story in this book of life that was written just for me.  You too can turn the page, for this present moment is a magical place to be.

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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!

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