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Set an Example!

MARCH- the month of Profound Wisdom with The Magical Guide to Bliss:

It is difficult to bring people to goodness with lessons, but it’s easy to do so by example.

~Seneca, Roman Stoic philosopher

Actions have always spoken louder than words. You can choose to be either a person who talks about change or a person who lives it. You can be either a person who complains that the world should be a better place or one who sets out to do things that make it that way. Eager to live in a world where compassion and kindness rule the day, if you start to dwell in possibility, doing something to bring joy can make joyful change happen. Better yet, if you start to believe that—showing others you can make a difference through small acts of love—then you set the tone for all to see. Be a true believer in the “good finder” mentality. If you look for the examples of good in the world and seek out those who offer empowering inspiration through their life example, you will find and be infected by the good, leaving the bad in its wake. And if you want to teach others to do the same, be the change, be the difference, be the living lesson for all to see. By setting the example through your loud and proud actions, you will embolden others to act, leading all of us to a better life that can be filled with overwhelming goodness. You are the company you keep; when you set a good example, odds are in your favor that the company you keep will be amazing.

Magical Key to Bliss: Set the example; choose one good thing to do for another today.


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