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Ode to my son!

  1. I will not stand by and watch things of hate just unfold-

  2. you were born from glory and that story will be told.

  3. To sit on a throne and look down throwing gold,

  4. will do none of us good for our souls won’t be sold.

  5. Instead I rise up for justice with others who are bold,

  6. And speak truth to wrongs, we will not be so trolled.

  7. And my wish for you child as you grow to be old,

  8. Never take for granted your blessings in life,

  9. For others gave theirs for love to take hold.

(my mother always would say “You fight evil with good”  this poem was written after discussion with my son as to why I choose to speak up and do something for good in light of the state of current affairs in this country)

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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!

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Ode to my son! was originally published on Meg Nocero

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