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My Year of Magical Thinking: If a life of magic and miracles is to mean something…

“Do they preach one thing and practice another, these men of God?” Roald Dahl

Such is life. The trials and tribulations. The crossroads. These are the moments that make a life, perhaps a legacy. These are the moments that define the direction of your dreams. These are the moments that you will hopefully one day look back on and think to yourself, so glad I didn’t give up on myself and how amazing that I decided to keep going.

When you make the decision to sign up for a life that is defined by magic and miracles, you have to hold strong to that notion and not lose faith. Yes, there will be people around you who follow a different path. Yes, there will be people around you hungry for power by selling out their souls to allow their egos to surpass yours. Yes, there will be people around you who will preach one thing yet behind close doors practice another. Do not be deterred on your journey and believe in the false promise that a life led by the ego offers.

The magic lies in these moments of realization that who you are is defined by your own spiritual practice. In the collective, where do you find your light. Fear is ever present these days. The level of panic and trepidation is palpable, felt by many who feel powerless to the unfolding of world events. Others giddy, as if they won some great victory that protects their place in the grand order of things. Forgetting once again, this universe we live in is abundant. There was never an us v. them, this scenario was merely contrived by those who play God to manipulate the masses in a way that supports the pyramid scheme based upon the evil notion that greed is good. If you are to live a life that is defined by magic and miracles, make it a point at this your crossroads to not give in to this, do not give your power or belief in all things inherently good away.

A belief in synchronicity has brought a newfound understanding and interpretation of current events as they play out for me. Things are never always as it seems. If you choose to buy into the reality of another’s illusory field, then you paint yourself into a box, a box that was never intended for you. Yet, you do have choices. You either choose to live in that box and grow only to the extent that the box will allow. Or, you choose to expand and burst out realizing that the restrictions were made solely to constrict your powerful soul’s growth by those who need to protect the status quo. There are those in society that are doing their best to manipulate the masses to maintain the hierarchical structure so that power stays at the highest point to benefit the few rather than the whole. Thanks to Maya Angelou we are reminded that when people show us who they are, believe them. Their is a role that each person who crosses your path plays. See past the veil and know that it is with understanding that you will receive the miracles that this life journey has to offer. There is no conspiracy here. All that you learn in this life is a gift from the Divine. For those who seek enlightenment, be guided by your intuition so that your soul shines brighter.

These crossroads that are meant to define us, become the very moments in time where you get the chance to align what you preach and practice so that the beauty of your soul comes through. If a life of magic and miracles mean something, this is where transformation happens; this is where you gain a level of freedom not previously experienced; and this is where you trust that you are a part of something greater than you ever even imagined. So keep your eyes open today for the road signs that will guide your to a better place, a peaceful place, a place where you find a comfort knowing that you are here on purpose for great purpose. And when you do, you start to see the world differently, you start to see what connects you to others, and you start to actually experience the magic of life. For it is at this your crossroads, that you choose to fly butterfly!

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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!

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