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My Year of Magical Thinking: Face, Embrace, Take your rightful place!

Inspiring people, inspire people. This has been true time immemorial. Inspiration can come to you from many avenues, and when the message comes, be ready to receive it. That is just what happened this morning as I dragged myself to a 7am spinning class.  I was ready. Perhaps as one of my friends pointed out last night, it was because today is the day after the shortest day of the year-the winter solstice, when light starts to overtake darkness. Maybe as my husband reminded me this morning, today I start to hold on to hope to do better, see better, love better.  Or just possibly, as my spinning instructor, Steph, prompted over and over again, today it is time to be brave, accept yourself where you are and believe in the beauty of you.  Whatever it was, I was ready to receive this message that I am sharing with you now-FACE, EMBRACE, AND TAKE YOUR RIGHTFUL PLACE.

With an I am brave mentality, you will have the guts to wake up and face your fears, face your day, and face your beautiful life for all that it has to offer you.  With an I am brave mentality, you will embrace your gifts and talents and say YES to the opportunities to become who you are meant to be authentically.  With an I am brave mentality, you will look in the mirror of your life and take your rightful place.  No more hiding behind walls of shame, no more allowing the noise of the world to drown out your powerful and loving voice, no more sanctioning negativity to dull the sparkle of all that is possible even probable for you when you start to believe in yourself.

And this came to me spiritually as I was climbing the metaphorical hills on a spinning bike that to one person may look like I was going nowhere, but in my mind, thinking a certain way, was taking me to the stars and beyond.  You see, wherever you are, there is something to be learned on this great journey.  When you risk being vulnerable to the uncomfortable places, pushing yourself further and farther, that is when you have the greatest opportunity to grow.   When you stand up and embrace your inner voice and guidance as you climb the mountains in your mind, that is when you have the greatest chance to become more of who you are meant to be.  And ultimately, when you smile to yourself as you complete one challenge after another, through tears sometimes and laughter, bringing others with you, that is when you start to really feel free to live the exact life that for you is meant to be. And when I stepped off the ride this morning, sweaty and sore, I felt renewed, revitalized, reenergized to face this new day, embrace it even, and take my place because there is no other way to be happy, magical, and experience bliss! Watch out world, today I was ready to receive this message, I am brave, I claim my tiara and expect something wonderful to happen. There is no going back now- bring on the magic and miracles and let you light shine!

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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!

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