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My Year of Magical Thinking: Act as if it were impossible to fail!

“We all have beliefs anyway, why not make them beliefs in good, in the fine ends of man, in abundance, in health, in vigor, in integrity? Let us use the word faith to mean overcoming negative thought. . . Let us take up faith like a sword, and by using it, overcome all things.”

Uell S. Anderson

Is it possible that the biggest obstacle to bringing in amazing energy into your life is YOU? Can it be that you are your own saboteur? What if that were true, and at your very essence you knew, that belief in all things good begins with believing in YOU.

Quite possibly the grandest notion we have is the fundamental belief in ourselves to manifest with the divine an incredible journey.  There is no greater gift that we can receive than the overwhelming opportunity to welcome wonder and awe into our world.  When you act as if all things that happen, turn up for your greater good, the energetic vibration of YOU changes for the better.  When you move forward on your path knowing that you are not alone and free yourself from the isolation of fear and hate, you show up in support of amazing beauty that you know has existed time immemorial.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned on my year of magical thinking is that when you start from a place of the highest intentions to do your best to bring passion to a beautiful purpose, the key ingredient to your success is to act as if were impossible to fail.  And when you act in this vein, there will be people who will show up to try to use negativity to guide you away from your work. Know that this is a sign that you are going in the right direction and do not veer away from your course. Right around the corner, as you are tested, there will be many who will welcome you with open arms for the message of hope that you bring. The universe will respond in kind to the thoughts upon which you dwell.  Keep moving forward with this in mind and know that to you all things are possible to those that rest with the beauty of a positive conviction that lies in love and bolstered by faith.  For this is the understanding that will give rise to a magical world, I will be forever grateful!  Something wonderful is about to happen!

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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!

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