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Manifesting with Meg: Sweet Inspiration in September with Liam Beliveau

The Magical Guide to Bliss:

The Magical Guide to Bliss is Meg’s first book. Because she she began writing to help her navigate through the grieving process after the devastating passing of her mother from breast cancer in April of 2011, she chooses to inspire others as well. And, choosing to move out of the darkness, Meg embraced a journey with this guide that has led her to rediscover her inner light and awareness that affirms daily how interconnected we are.

September is Sweet Inspiration

This month, Meg interviews the amazing Liam Beliveau. While, Liam always been intuitive, he has helped people by clairvoyantly reading and healing professionally for the past decade. Because, training to use methods to ensure accuracy, he has helped many break through blocks. Moreover, he works to help empaths and highly sensitive people recognize and embrace their gifts. Currently, he provides psychic readings to clients throughout the country. More info can be found on his website, here:

Manifesting with Meg

And, Meg hosts “Manifesting with Meg” as a monthly video cast. While it takes the listener through the year, she focuses on empowering through conversations. These conversations are based upon the format of the author, Meg’s The Magical Guide to Bliss. September is the month of Sweet Inspiration and deliberate creation.  She sets out to empower and inspire the audience to make the changes that they need to manifest the most amazing life of your dreams! And go get your copy of The Magical Guide to Bliss on or go to  Experience blessings & bliss!

If you enjoyed reading this daily excerpt from my book “The Magical Guide to Bliss“, claim your bliss and purchase the book at amazon by clicking

Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!

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