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Make big plans for a magical adventure!

Meg’s mantra: If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail!

Do you want to go on a magical adventure? I come from a family of planners. At the beginning of the year, we get together and sync our calendars so that we can be sure to make time for events/adventures for the upcoming year. Lots of wonderful things to look forward to. In Shawn Achor’s book on happiness, he says the happiest people are the ones who plan well and begin and get to live out the adventure in the excitement that leads up to and includes the actual journey itself! I benefited greatly from parents who planned and then enjoyed studying and teaching all about the people, places and things that we would soon discover. As I plan out my 2016, setting knowns amidst the unknown, I want to introduce new magic into all of my adventures. Perhaps I will finally take a a trip to Hawaii and let my friend Shannon Rae Arthur​ guide the way through her amazing business- perhaps I will buy a winning lottery ticket that will give me more of a financial abundance to do the things that I would like to, perhaps I will volunteer for new opportunities at work or in my personal endeavors that will open up avenues for a promotion, I know I will reunite with old friends as I head back to my college reunion in the summer, or perhaps I will find myself cast in an amazing uplifting movie?? All of this can happen if I plan what I can and do the things that will open up avenues to great possibility! So do you want to go on a magical adventure this year? Get ready and plan and there cannot be a fail! #themagicalguidetobliss


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