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It’s time-Come dream with me!

“What God intended for you goes far beyond anything you could ever imagine.”


Breathe. It is time to take deep breaths. In. Breathe in life. Out.  Exhale and release all that holds you back. It plays out like an energetic dance. Take it in – let it out. Just like a wave about to hit the shore, the energy of the ocean pushes it forward, then pulls it as it rolls back to build up once again.  The water hydrates the shore and molds the sands of time.  Moment by moment. These moments continue to make up our story. Do we decide to jump into the great flow of life or do we sit by the side and watch it unfold before us.

My dreams are always with me. My dreams rest within me.  God placed them there long ago. These dreams are mine and the unfolding happens each and every day.  At the center of each of us, resides a greatness that can only be realized when we garner enough courage to breathe life into our story by virtue of acknowledging and pledging to live out these dreams.  Yet, it is important to remember that there are always seasons of waiting and seasons of doing.  The challenge for me lies in my own growing impatience with the waiting as I am challenged with stillness on many levels.  Time and place. The waves rush in and pull out. Time and place.  When I grow exhausted by fighting the current rather than riding along with it, I need to go inward and dwell in the beauty of this truth –  what God intends for each of us is greater than we can ever imagine. It does not mean that we let go of our dreams, it just means you rest on a faith that with each passing day, their realization materializes more and more.

Calling out to the universe, asking to breathe in inspiration, looking for some spark to carry me along until I can catch a wave in, a friend of mine called and offered me two tickets to attend a night of hope out of the blue.  Like a God wink, I happily accepted and was excited with anticipation of what message I was about to receive.  And sitting alongside these people I love so much, watching him in an auditorium that could fill nearly 25,000, he tells the story of the butterfly whose wings are ready to fly.  Knowing another of my soul sisters, one of my butterflies, was in the same place, I reached for my phone to text her and simultaneously she responded to me at the same time.  And where I am now, I walk away from the naysayers and move towards those who encourage and love.  I breathe in life and breath out toxicity. I go to the places that support this flow. And, as long as we don’t give up on our dreams, the time is now that we will start to breath life into them over and over again.  At the end of the night, I stood in the arena as the like came on and the crews were breaking down the set up, and I dreamt of standing up there sharing my authentic story, inviting many other to join along. Like I do now, come dream with me you strong badass butterflies, won’t you and watch- pay attention- believe that your season of waiting is about to come to an end.


It’s time-Come dream with me! was originally published on Meg Nocero

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