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How to find your sparkle, so you can shine!

“To convert somebody go and take them by the hand and guide them.”

Thomas Aquinas

I want to explore my world and learn a little more about myself in connection to the surreal.  Perhaps therein lies the sparkle, that little whimsical, glittery light of the world that sets me free.  Perhaps therein lies the magical, seen in the flicker of the moment, a flash on the screen of life, once seen, it is never forgotten. Perhaps therein lies the mystery – the untold gifts just waiting to be opened.  Perhaps you are interested in seeking with me, let me show you how, take my hand, we shall discover together so that we both can shine.

For it is in the surrender, united, when we immerse ourselves in pixie dust. Their in those moments I recognize in you my own gleam of true possibility that returns to our eyes. I have no physical map, just what I have learned over the years.  And in reality, I have just been following the path of glitter left behind by others. Take my hand and I shall guide you.  I will take yours, will you do the same? This path calls to me, to us, and begs to be embraced.  With enthusiasm and zeal, as we allow enlightenment and awareness to take over, our inner light brightens even more as we realize we are here together, holding each other’s hand, leaving our own trail of love wherever we go.  There is a sparkle in our eyes now, merely because we got in tune with the miraculous and now cannot help but to shine for others to follow. So simple, so amazing, such can be life!

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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!

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