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Here’s to the fools who dream!

Concept. Dreaming is as important to the human spirit as breathing is to the human form.

This is not a joke.  You need your dreams like you need air in your lungs. It is vital to your life source.  You can’t imagine spending your whole life holding your breath because you won’t survive. So how is it acceptable to imagine a whole life not exploring those gentle whispers of magical musings that come to you as dreams. You won’t survive. You just may wither away slowly like a plant that does not get enough water if you do not take steps to further your dreams along.

You know those ideas that you may consider foolish at first, but when further fleshed out over time become a realization of a certain kind of passion. To nourish that is what a soul not only needs but demands. And when you set out on a journey guided by your dreams to see where they take you, you start to believe more and more in the vital purpose they serve as your life story plays out.

I look for inspiration, I look for sources that give energy to my own foolish dreams, I identified as a dreamer long ago.  This is not a waste of time. In fact, it is the best use of it as I am bolstered by the insights other people offer who are not just talking about their dreams, but actually living them.  Tonight, the always eloquent and consummate professional Viola Davis quenched my thirst for direction when she talked about her participating in a profession that helps her to celebrate life.  She nailed it- that is what I needed just for today, to be encouraged to seek out being part of a profession that helps ME to celebrate life and encourage others to do the same.

And as I sat by my little girl and boy as we watched the Oscars together, I noticed the sparkle in their eyes as they experienced the celebration of life as it played out before us. I actually had the distinct honor of witnessing the magical unfold right before my own eyes. And I understood, that I as their mother, am the first role model who gets to teach and encourage them to follow their dreams, I am the one who essentially gets the privilege to show them what fully breathing into life looks like. Just like my parents did for me, the beauty in that moment shared with them was exactly the celebratory move that I needed to breath more life and love into my own burgeoning dreams. For I, the lovable fool, will not die with my dreams still in me as I will do whatever it is that I can to bring out the magic of celebrating life by dreaming big, sparkling more, and shining bright.


Here’s to the fools who dream! was originally published on Meg Nocero

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