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Go Within!

“Balance is the perfect state of still water. Let that be our model, it remains quiet within and is not disturbed on the surface.” Confucius

This quote is on a beautiful blue banner that hangs on my bathroom door. I see it every morning, noon and night. It is a reminder that balance remains the goal, even if oftentimes elusive. As I strive for this state of being, this balance, each messenger over the past few months keeps telling me to go within as the answers are there.

And, I know. I feel it in my bones. Get quiet, get still, allow, surrender. STOP! Allow the waters to get still within, habituate to a place of peace so you are able to be an instrument of that. It seems so simple, yet at the same time so challenging. And then the Why? returns. Why is this a challenge? Then, it dawned on me. I struggle with going inside because the outside world encourages that I should not believe in me. Maybe, I will not like what I see there. Maybe, I am afraid of knowing the authentic me. Yet, as I embrace the magical, the miraculous, the truth beyond the veil, I choose to go within anyway.  I choose to explore the treasure that I will find once I start to follow the map of my own intuition.  For there, I come to a place where stillness unites me with the mystery.  There, I start to enjoy the beauty of my own company as it becomes more and more appealing. And, this belief in myself starts to grow. Who I am in this world, brings a calm, love, and excitement. The waters in my soul still and I start to embrace my inner unicorn. Therein lies true bliss in that freedom. Balance as the goal.

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Go Within! was originally published on Meg Nocero

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