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Go for it, find your team and SHINE!!!

“A strong team can take any crazy vision and turn it into a reality.” John Carmack, Scientist

First you have a vision. A wonderful one. A magnificent one really. When you think about it, you get goosebumps all over. You get so excited you cannot sit still. It is like you about to win the lottery with this idea. You want to protect this like it is your child. This is your dream. All your life, you have been building a foundation that has given you the tools to birth this vision, your dream, into reality. So why hasn’t it happened yet?

Ahhh you thought you could do it alone, did you? You thought you had to keep this vision to yourself or someone would swipe it out from under you perhaps! You got so excited at the same time, cautious and methodical. Maybe you wanted to protect it so badly that you placed your dream in a box tucked away for that one day you could give it your whole attention.

Time goes by. Just like you need air, you need to breathe life into your dreams and visions. They need to dance around in the universe to one day grow to what it was that you visualized in the first place. You need to nurture them and most importantly you will need to organize a strong team to help bring your crazy vision to life. So if you are apprehensive, this is where you must follow your intuition. This is where you get clear and put out into the universe what it is that you need and ask for it. And then, pay attention to who shows up.  If you feel aligned, embrace your them for this is YOUR team bringing their talent and their own special gifts to the party. It is only then when you start to surrender and trust the process that the magic can happen.

So don’t let another day go by. Go for it, find your team and  SHINE! Not only will you be celebrating in the end, but it is so much more amazing when you have a group of people right there applauding along with you. Your team is now making a difference and your dream quickly becomes a reality. In no time at all, others will be excited about that beautiful vision of yours and shine too!

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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!

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