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Follow the path of least resistance!

“When you’re overwhelmed by problems in your life and feel like everything is out of control, stop a moment and look at nature. Grass doesn’t struggle to grow. Summer doesn’t refuse to give way to autumn. Rivers always flow along the path of least resistance.” Dr. Habib Sadeghi

Mother Nature. Essence personified as a woman, a guiding force of creation.  From birth to death, She is an effortless power source that governs all that we do. Why is it that we choose to ignore Her when in reality she is the constant throughout on this magical journey? Her wisdom is ageless, her wrath seems merciful, her beauty inspires innovation, and her guidance is ever present.

Just watch how a river flows, it does not stop when it hits a rock. It finds a way around it and continues on. Feel the fury of a storm as it spins itself out of control, only to cool off the Earth’s core to prevent further disaster. Just watch how the seasons pass us, marking opportunities to regenerate and transform with time. We are a part of this miraculous unfolding. Why is it that we should attempt to mute her voice when moving against her is futile in the end. She is the only constant my friend.

And just how She is ever present, that Goddess shows us that with a life filled with resistance, we shall never find the peace we desire. With a life of constant struggle, we can’t even begin to see the assistance interconnectedness offers right before us. With a life choosing suffering, It we, the warrior, will never appreciate or seek out the path that will carry us to real victory, a life of effortless flow that will bring with it a mastery of joy beyond imagination. Therein lies the surrender, supported by Her qualities that will always see us through. Stop fighting yourself and others and the Goddess and begin working together. We will change as our tender souls start to embody the essence of nature that is compassion and respect, and there we can change the world.

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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!

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