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Find calm in the chaos!

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.”  Carl Jung

Having lived in South Florida since August 1992, moving to my new home just a mere two weeks before the epic Hurricane Andrew hit, I remember well the devastation after a serious storm system hits and I still get wary when one of its magnitude is forecasted to make an appearance.  While we all are sure to keep our eyes on the tropics when the summer rolls in, it just seems like a trade off we all contract to as we do get glorious winter weather from October until May.

So here we go again, waiting for this predictable event that happens at least once every hurricane season, watching the weather channels or following whichever app that has the latest advisory, hoping to hear those magical words that we are out of the cone. While other places deal with earthquakes, tornados, drought, wildfires, and the like, this is the lot we have chosen that has only gotten worse with the real effects of climate change arising out of the Earth’s need for balance itself.

And, as this noble goddess of nature approaches, this Irma, technology showing us real evidence of the destruction and loss of property and life in her wake, chaos gives rise to questions such as , will we be able to weather this storm, what do we need to protect family and friends, do we evacuate as we are in the cone and what about those people who are unable to help themselves looking down the barrel of her mighty gun.  In the chaos there is opportunity; in the disorder, a sense of balance is restored.  And you see this on a national or even global scale, many reaching out to offer a place of safety, showing concern, and most importantly sharing energetic expressions of love for humanity and empathy for those who will face the changes yet to happen, never mind where, knowing we are not alone, we rise to action.

I sit here at my computer and as the letters form words at my fingertips, I am overcome with a sense of hope once again. As I remembered how this country came together after Andrew 25 years ago to rebuild and materialize the secret order out of catastrophic disorder, as it has rallied in the wake of Harvey, as I saw all creatures cared for, specifically as 300 shelter animals were placed on a charter flight to safely arrive in California this afternoon, I almost felt a sense of calm enveloping the chaos. In fact, having experience a mad search for water and gas, I am not surprised, that even with tensions so high, people were incredibly kind.  They, for the most part, opened their homes, extended themselves outside of the box that normally would separate us.  Offered a kind word of support, introducing themselves for the first time by name, the vibration of fear weakened by the magic of love. And, as we all find ourselves on the same boat as we prepare to weather the storm, there is a distinct understanding that to get through this successfully, we as a people must do so together. And in that same vein, I will be rowing this boat right beside you and somehow there I find my calm with the collective consciousness. And when we make it through the night, as I know we will together, we will be there to pick up the debris and start anew again under a new order righted by that which only a Mother, Mother Nature, can do. Be safe Florida and I will see you on the other side.

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Find calm in the chaos! was originally published on Meg Nocero

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