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Final Mission Statement: I QUIT!

“If I stay, I am guaranteed that nothing will change. But if I go, the possibilities of this next adventure are endless!”


I recently spoke to a group of up and coming law students, all eager, bright eyed and curious. At the end of my mini-presentation, I got the question that I needed to hear, it was as follows: ‘after 20 years in my current profession, what advice would I give to someone just starting out.’

Wow, was I grateful for this opportunity to respond. I knew exactly what I wanted to say. Here it is:

Whatever you choose to do in life, make sure you are passionate about it. There is nothing more satisfying than coming to work on a daily basis with an excitement and enthusiasm for your day and what it has to offer. That coupled with a desire to work hard and serve with gratitude will be the key to personal and professional success. And, don’t forget to seek out the mentors who will help you at every stage of the game.  But if time goes by and you no longer experience the above, do not be afraid to quit.  After days, months, years if you are finding it more and more difficult to get up in the morning, then pay attention to that as well. We are meant to evolve in this life. We are meant to learn the lessons and move on.  If you are feeling stuck or suffocated, acknowledge that it may be time to reinvent yourself and try something new. Don’t delay that internal introspective process of discernment or your internal feelings may take over and even make you sick.  Just get yourself ready for it is time for another plan to come to light.  Do not stay in any job longer than necessary because of fear. Doors open all the time when you get intentional.  Opportunities will appear again. We are all meant to be happy- so figure out what makes you smile!

Yes, yes, yes- I was so happy to answer this question as I now am at a crossroads of my own.  I have been unhappy at my place of employment for too long. My soul was pulling me in a different direction and it had become more and more difficult to get up and face my day.  And as I sit her ready to write my own final mission statement, out comes just two simple words: I QUIT!

I QUIT a job where I am no longer able to develop my talent.

I QUIT and take off the golden handcuffs that have kept me tied to something that no longer serves me.

I QUIT fear.

I QUIT seeking approval from others. I QUIT needing that approval to know my worth.

I QUIT beating myself up mentally.

I QUIT sabotaging my own peace and freedom.

I QUIT not believing in myself and my purpose.

I QUIT not paying attention to the signs that tell me that it is time to move on.

And I grab onto BLISS!

I am changing the negative charge of the words “I QUIT” to a positive one. One that allows me to follow my dreams, my bliss and my calling here on Earth.  I know that the past 20 years have provided me with some of the most amazing opportunities to hone my craft. I know that I have had the chance to meet some of the most amazing people on this part of my journey. I know that I have impacted and made a difference in the lives of so many. And I know that many of you have so impacted and made a difference in mine and will remain such an important part of my story. I know that I have accomplished and learned so much.  Quitting is not a failure, it is actually a sign of success. To know when it is time to move on and have the courage to step out on your next adventure into the unknown, even though you may be terrified, is such a badge of honor. Such a gift to yourself. such a gift to the world. Because this world needs more happy people, who let go of a state of depression and anxiety and choose to claim their joy and go for it!

So I leave you all with this, if you stay where you are, make sure that you are passionate about it and look for the lessons to be learned. But when there comes a time when you are no longer satisfied and there is something that is tugging at your soul to move along, then answer that call like a hero and fearlessly and courageously (with your angels by your side) open the next door that awaits. For only then, will you discover the endless possibilities for you. You can say “I QUIT” to so much more than a job, you can say it to self-defeating behaviors and the like. Because when you do, you are opening your life up to so much more.  20 years ago I was so young, so passionate,and so excited to learn so much. Today, wiser and a little older and certainly more confident, I am ready to start a new chapter, excited, grateful to my younger self for everything that she said yes to. And just like I did before, I know I will find my way!

I am doing this and practicing what I preach and you can be sure if you decide to do the same because it is time, I will be right there with you, cheering you on!


Final Mission Statement: I QUIT! was originally published on Meg Nocero

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