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Don’t you worry, you will be found.

“Even when the dark comes crashing through When you need a friend to carry you And when you’re broken on the ground You will be found…”

Excerpt from lyrics Dear Evan Hansen ‘You Will Be Found’

It has been quite the journey through darkness to light. It has been quite the journey that has brought us to this place of incredible and hard earned discovery of who we are and why we are here; of learning where to invest our energy and where to send good intentions and move along;  and yes, ultimately to pay attention to that creative passion, inner calling of our innovative and amazing spirit to inspire hope and empower others. Because we are the ones who know and give gratitude to those friends who have carried us through, picked us up when we were on the ground, and did not let us go quietly into the night without a fight.  We have known challenges and have come through the storm. We have seen and we still continue to do our best to follow our dream. And in doing so, we become the visionaries and the dreamers who use our imagination to bring this world to life again.  We are the eagles who choose to soar with a view of the horizon that goes on forever waiting to be explored.  While the others squawk below, too scared to even believe in a world that looks different than the one they see, we encourage them to choose differently from a place of love.  We all have a choice to join or stay, these are the moments that will be decisive as we look back on history. For if you so desire, you will be found and will join in the celebration  that will be the greatest part of the dance.  You will become an amazing butterfly again.

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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!

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