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Don’t Quit Before the Miracles Happen!

“Speak kinder and you’ll get higher.”

Ava Isabella Simone, age 8

Every life has to be about something. You gotta believe that for you and get a great theme to give this chapter of your story the start that you are looking for.  My theme for the last 6 years has centered around transformation and the symbolism behind the metamorphoses of the butterfly.

The caterpillar is forced into the cocoon, the darkness. In there, change happens, whether the caterpillar likes it or not.  Elements combine to where there is a radical metamorphoses of the mind, body and soul. And, just when the caterpillar thought the world was over and could not take it anymore, it broke out of the cocoon and emerged as a beautiful butterfly, who now gets to experience the light of the world again, this time with wings.

My elevator pitch: A young woman watches her mother, her mentor, slowly suffer and finally pass away after a long battle with cancer; the young woman is lost as to how to navigate life without her, attempts to numb herself, however the trauma materializes as a loud ringing in her head, a wake up call where she has a choice to take her own life and give up or take the next step to find the tools she needs to help her to live again. What she didn’t know when she made her choice was that just when she thought the joy of life as she knew it was over, because she asked, many would show up and offer her new ways to experience a greater, more fulfilling kind of consciousness. And there she would find a new voice bolstered by the wisdom gained and because she decided to save herself, her sharing of her journey would unwittingly save others as well. For they would all now travel the world together with a new set of eyes and a new set of wings. Miracles happening all around us, now while aware, we really get to experience it.

So as I continue with the theme of transformation, the best wisdom I can offer comes from the mouth of babes. These past few days, my 8 year old daughter has been writing messages to us on Post It Notes and leaving them all around the house.  Many different little reminders. Inspired by the other creatives in our home, she used this as her medium to get “heard” in a home of Italians who are passionate and mostly expressive in every way.  And the one that truly spoke to me as a reminder of what tone I wanted to add to this chapter of my life was “speak kinder and you’ll get higher.”

As I sat down to reflect on my theme for Spring, this is the profound wisdom that came to mind first as I set the tone for this new season before me.  I know that every life has to be about something.  To make that life something that is based in something good, if I speak kinder, with this new set of butterfly wings I have earned, I will most definitely keep flying higher and higher!

Its the first day of the rest of your life, this can be your new season, speak kinder today and watch yourself rise as you take other with you-what are you waiting for!?! Newsflash: Its another day of sun with butterflies and bliss! Don’t quit before the miracles happen!

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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!

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