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Can I tell you something? This Too Shall Pass

About 13 years ago, I was going through an especially tough time in my life, the first of many to come. I just had my first child and was going through the changes that come with that (oh boy were there changes- baby boot camp), I was dealing with a poor body image from the after-effects of pregnancy and trying to balance new motherhood with going back to work full time ( I do not recommend it), I was in the process of renovating my apartment (bad timing) and my marital relationship had a lot to be desired (men will never fully understand). At that time, I was blessed with the beginnings of a beautiful friendship with a woman who invited me over to tea one afternoon when the invitation could be considered more of a life saver than anything else as I was particularly down. From the beginning, we bonded over a cup of tea and talked forever about much of life’s ups and downs that we were experiencing. It was just what I needed!

At one particular meeting, she gifted me with an engraved silver ring. And with that ring, she attached the parable of King Solomon. I have read many different renditions, but the one she told me goes something like this:

“King Solomon once searched for a cure against depression.  He assembled wise men together and threw them in the dungeon until they came up with something that made him feel better. After three days, if they did not succeed in making him smile again, the king would match the punishment with their lives.  So the three wise men when into the dungeon and they meditated together and after three days appeared before the king.  At that time, they told the king to make himself a ring that was engraved with these three words: This too shall pass.  The King smiled for the first time in a long while and spared the lives of the three. From that day forward the king carried out the advice, made the engraved ring, and wore it constantly. Every time he felt sad and depressed, he looked at the ring, whereupon his mood would change and he would feel cheerful.”

I looked at the ring my friend gave me and engraved on the inside were the words in bold letters THIS TOO SHALL PASS.  I have worn that ring on my right hand every day since and it still serves as a reminder that when reality bites, and believe me it does at times, those words ring true- THIS TOO SHALL PASS! Something to hold onto when you are navigating through challenging times. Something to look at as a reminder when you are sad and depressed. And for me, I have experienced many high and lows since that day 13 years ago that she gave me this beautiful gift, but that little ring has served as a beautiful reminder of what we shared over a cup of tea, a beautiful friendship, love and support, and most importantly wisdom that has taken me through so many years later! In fact, I needed to look at it today as I am not feeling particularly inspired-then with  THIS TOO SHALL PASS and the love of my friends who tell me that this is a growing period and not to worry, I go about and start my day!

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