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Build another kind of team!

Today get out and celebrate. Time to remember how lucky you are, time to give praise to the highest of the holies.

~Pam Grout, American author and journalist

To experience an abundance of the health, love, life, transcendence, and joy just waiting for you, surround yourself with people who aspire to this kind of life. It is time to build the most incredible team who will support you in the tough times and celebrate with you as well. Woweee zoweeee! One by one, candidates come into your life vying for a prize position on team you. One by one, you get to interview and decide who will make up your most trusted advisers and confidantes. Life gives you many opportunities to choose well the players on your team in the most important game—the game of life. With your goal being to get out and celebrate life, the members you pick should be on the lookout for all the possibilities of a beautiful day. Invite the optimists, the innovators, the good doers, and the open-minded ones to join you, and your team will experience success each step that you take. Remember how lucky you are, and give praise. When you set out to build the kind of team whose success is determined by how well you take care of one another, the celebration has already begun. Then with your squad by your side, be sure to give praise to the highest of the holies in thanks for it all!

Magical Key to Bliss: Choose a team of positive ones to walk with you on your journey.


Build another kind of team! was originally published on Meg Nocero

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