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Be the warrior, be the storm!

Mantra: I am the warrior, I am the storm. Much of what happens to you on your journey has more to do with your response to the events as they unfold rather than the circumstances themselves. As we have all witnessed over and over, sh

🦋t happens. Major storms set their path directly for us or our loved ones. We can’t control what comes at us. There is that moment when you get to decide how you will react. And, once you make a decision by following your gut, you will stand strong even in the face of the unknown, stand tall even in the face of fear, and stand together even when it appears that the powerful wind will break your spirit or resolve. And even if the fates tempt to fill you with doubt encouraging you to give up saying you will not be able to withstand the storm, you grab your sword mighty warriors, look the fates straight in the eye and declare confidently “just watch me”. For at the end of the day, how successful you are in life has more to do with how you react to events than the circumstances themselves. And if you become that badass storm, watch out world, nothing will ever stop you!

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Be the warrior, be the storm! was originally published on Meg Nocero

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