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Be Empowered by Your Story or not-it’s your choice!

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” Eleanor Roosevelt

I am a storyteller. I have always been a storyteller. I will always be a storyteller.

It is the one thing that throughout my life holds true. When I say it, write it, draw it, sing it or am in the company of it, this is the I AM that empowers me to live the life of my dreams, telling the most amazing story of my once around on this planet.

From Hello Fellow to the Magical Guide to Bliss and whatever other titles arise, I truly get excited and beyond enthusiastic when I know I have a good story to tell. And mine is a good story to tell.

I AM here to empower others as the words channel through me. Today, it may be the innovation that arises from my heart song, yesterday it may have been the courage it took to take the leap of faith out of the known into the what the hell comes next, tomorrow it may be the sadness that comes from the shocks and surprises life throws my way, next week, next month, next year- my story is always unfolding, my tribe lining up for my special brand of magic.

From my first audience, my sisters, who used to grab my looseleaf notebook tied together with string to discover what is to come for “Meg” as she dances through the pages of Hello Fellow, giggling and laughing as my artistic renditions gave a visual accompaniment to the words that were sprinkled throughout– to the lessons that were channeled through the Magical Guide to Bliss me as I opened my heart and mind to somewhere beyond the veil to connect with my first love, my mother, once again.

If you want to know me, if something about me causes you to see the light within and you need more to help you along, just take a look and listen to the magic of my story. I AM authentic, I AM showing up as only I know how, and I AM here at this time to live out loud, find my sea legs, and dance with the storms of life that become the rhythm from which I go back to the balance that lies at my center- the place where love resides. My Within, my heart beat, my beautiful, sweet, imperfect life.

I can either be empowered by this story that I live to tell or stand in constant judgment at how I fail to meet the incessant expectations of a world that wants me to conform. My God, be gentle as I move forward, show up, live, laugh, love over and over again. Trusting the process and ever so desperately wrap myself in your loving embrace as I am cradled in life’s loving arms. As I walk softly into my future, my head is erect, my eyes look up, my heart remains open, and I grow stronger by the day. No hiding in the background, I grab your hand and take you with me. No apologizing for my presentation, I say to you, I see you too and how beautiful you are. Empowered, yes empowered as I stand as bravely shoulder to shoulder with the amazing, magnificent women today and throughout history, they surround me and need me to venture forth. With a passion to continue empowering with my story,  this beautiful, sweet, life experience becomes a reality for more than just me. I am no longer interested in playing small so that others are not made to feel uncomfortable by my presence. My present is to say to you, feel stronger in the discomfort, for that is where you start to blossom and grow. That IS my choice- and you will see by the storyteller that I am and will continue to be- my story unfolds as beautifully as I am, I stand by as the willing narrator ready to inspire others to join in, and if you choose to rise up to all that you are capable of, I will take you with me-I am not going away so quickly- I am set free. My choice is to say today and everyday, I AM EMPOWERED! Today, ask yourself, are you with me?

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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!

Copyright – all Rights Reserved – Butterflies & Bliss, LLC 2016


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