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Amazing Day!

“When you show up thinking that the world is amazing, the more amazing the world becomes.” Nina Vivenzio

There she is, a beauty to behold, rising with a sun that looks as if its spun gold.  Astonishing and impressive this life that we hold. With magic and miracles that while lived must be told. Service to this end, a message sent out to a world in whispers. This causing quite a stir. When aligned with its intended, you just feel the energy whir.  For the desire to build an amazing world becomes the passionate goal, to believe in it invites more evidence that it exists.  Stand strong against conformity, be courageous to the boldness within.  For it is your pure light shooting across the world now, one by one winning over willing champions to further your endeavor. Love light peace, ask them to join you, you must ask, for you will not be carried to your destination alone.  There is a knowing that help is yours and on its way.  And for this you will show up authentically every time! Never have a doubt that what you see amongst you is amazing, a wonder to behold. Close your eyes if you need to see. Start your new life there.  Use your imagination and your dreams begin to unfold. Approach every experience in this new frame of mind, attitude change and an awareness that the world around you is bursting with opportunity. Assume the greatest for yourself and move forward accordingly.  Use your imagination to inspire a visual that you are living the amazing life-and the world becomes what you see in your mind’s eye,  something wonderful happening on this fine day!

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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!

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Amazing Day! was originally published on Meg Nocero

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