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A Rude and Beautiful Awakening: Months of Spiritual Transformation

“She turned her Can’ts into CANS & her dreams into plans!”

Kobi Yamada

Today, I am letting it all out. Vulnerability to what has happened over the last 6 months. No more secrets, nothing to hide. Transparency is the key to my success and I am ready to let it all out. Or at least as much as I can for the ten minutes that I  have your attention. As the 100 day mark for this incredibly unorthodox presidency and time in the history of our country comes to a close, I also reflect over the impact of certain events on my life since October 2016.

To call it a joyful ride would be off the mark.  It has been the most challenging, at times demoralizing, come to Jesus ride of my life. Yet, as transformation is the tome of the day for me lately, it is all a part of my spiritual transformation story, the sunrise of my soul’s bliss, that will catapult my awareness to benefit me and my own in the future as long as I persevere (and knowing how strong I am, I will).

On November 6, the day of the US Presidential election, I experienced a tri-fecta of “Oh Shit” moments ( I would use stronger language but keeping it PG-13):  woke up with a terrible head cold, received a phone call in the early afternoon basically telling me that after 16+ years of doing the same job, I was not technically qualified (?) and was passed over for a promotion, and that evening, my hopes and dreams for this country were dashed as we elected (not so freely and fairly as it turned out) a misogynist and unqualified person to the highest position of power. Now he would be my boss? And the resulting months, had me figuring out how to navigate this new landscape and trajectory- one that was a brave new world in the face of all that we held dear for those who felt disillusioned and dismay.

Demoralization became a force that was met with an incredible wave of possibility as many of us together set out to answer the question “What do we do now?”  And combating this feeling of powerlessness is quite a challenge, but I did not find myself alone in doing so.  Many different aspects of my life, women and men came out of the wood work ready to do their thing, to break out of the silence and use their voices in unison to hold up all the values we ultimately will champion for future generations – because the future generations are in fact watching. This is true! And we will not go silently into that good night- thank you very much Dylon Thomas.

So where does this bring me?  I am still a dreamer and have not given up on me or on others because the things I thought I most wanted did not come to fruition. In fact, the opposite is true. I have been able to rise from the ashes and craft and create new dreams to follow – new experiences that will take me to a place of greater bliss with a freedom to speak my truth. Exactly what I intend to do!  It has been a sobering process, there have been many points that have brought me to tears, but when one door closes, many others do open- just gotta wipe yourself off and get up to find them.  Holding my head high, I walk brightly and confidently into my own future. I welcome many of you to join me as I have not gone it alone without taking others with me. Believe me if I see you, reach out your hand to me and I will most definitely grab it as others have done for me (thanks MOM!) This is the beauty of my truth.  Even in the face of the worst adversity, even when you think that you have hit a wall, stay in your lane, know your authentic self, stay transparent and true and yes believe in the beauty of you!

Going to wear my shiny shoes and take this day by storm! That is the only way I know how and something wonderful most assuredly will happen- nevertheless she persisted, never give up and together we rise! Who is with me?  Looking forward to today and the next six months, grateful for those angels who stood by my side so that hope rings  eternal! You know who you are and if you don’t I will be sure to tell you! I LOVE YOU NOW GO DO YOUR THING-peace out! Look at stars, they are still shining for you! Wish me luck!

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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!

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