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5 Motivational Mantras to Get you Ready for a Magical New Year!

My New Year begins with my birthday. And since my birthday falls on the first day of December, I want to share with all of you 5 Motivational Mantras that will help me and you to get intentional to launch your own Year of Empowerment in the most magical way.

Motivational Mantra #1: Life is all about finding your tribe and loving the heck out of them!

You tribe can be by blood or by love. These are the people on your soul tree. When they show up in your life, you feel better knowing that they “got your back”! No matter their color, race, creed or origin, as you walk your journey, you know your tribe when they show up. There is a recognition in the sharing of lives. When you find them, let them know, never let them go, and tell them you love them so. One of the keys to living a magical and empowered life is to connect with those who want to collaborate with you to make this world a better place. Like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s day, you wrap yourself up with their love that is waiting and go there whenever you need a huge, amazing, unconditional hug. Your tribe is your support.

Motivational Mantra #2: If you want to change how you experience your world, start to see with compassion, kindness and most of all love.

To be of service is a most amazing gift that you can give to another person. When you look to serve another using your gifts and talents, you will find a place where you can connect with compassion, kindness, and most of all love.  You are not so different from others after all. You want to feel special, that your life matters. When you see others in the world this way, your experience becomes one of understanding what binds us rather than what divides. If you are dealing with a lot of negativity in your world right now, with a change of perspective, you can change your experience. Look for ways to spread love, and the shift happens! Your perspective is your foundation.

Motivational Mantra #3: I have a voice and I must use it to speak my truth, to inspire, for justice and to empower others in the struggle!

There is no more important time than now to use your very powerful voice to speak your truth where there is injustice, to inspire where there is despair and to empower where there is hopelessness. One small act of good can make a difference by having a ripple effect that can course the world over. There is no more important time than now to step out of your comfort zone and be who you want to be, say what needs to be said and empower yourself to live the life of your dreams. Your voice is your key to your calling.

Motivational Mantra #4: Attitude of gratitude is the magical point of view that transforms everything for the better.

Gratitude, the beauty of thankfulness, for your life, for the good, the bad and the ugly. To have a profound appreciation for your tribe, your experience on your journey, for your voice, and for your story, this is the attitude that will free you to live in a way that will transform your life for the better. From them moment your feet hit the ground in the morning, until you close your eyes at night, repeating over and over again throughout your day “attitude of gratitude, what am I grateful for?” you are reminded that magic is in the details as long as you are looking for it. Your gratitude is the tool that will empower you.

Motivational Mantra #5: Know yourself, be as authentic as you can and never apologize for showing up as you!

And finally, as I embark on my next Magical Year of life, I hold this mantra close by as I set aside my need for others approval to feel worthy or lovable. It is Meg that I want to continue to see, as authentically as possible. If I come on too strong, so be it. If I am quietly reflective, then that is ok too. If I am tired and have nothing to give, time to rest. If I am overly excited and enthusiastic to the point where I cannot contain my joy, even better. It is all Meg and it is all You! Own who you are. Why show up any other way- not everyone is going to like it- that is ok! And there are going to be people in your tribe who will love it, cannot go on without your “IT!” Never apologize for showing up as you. You are special and you matter beyond belief! Your authenticity is your freedom.

If you use these 5 motivational mantras to guide your way, you can finally shed what no longer works to be empowered to find your tribe, experience life through the eyes of love, use your voice, stand in gratitude for all your blessings and show up as you! Imagine all the endless possibilities when you do of living in your light. Get ready for a Magical New Year! go out and live the life of your dreams, I am watching and hope that you do!

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Butterflies, Blessings, and Bliss!

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