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Your words have more of an impact than you know!

“Be Impeccable With Your Word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.”

Miguel Angel Ruiz

What kind of energy do you want to bring into your world today?  If I were to tell you that each one of us has the power to manifest miracles or foster great harm simply with the words that we choose, would you be more careful with what you have to say?  The reality is that the words that we do use to communicate are charged with a very powerful energy.  When we speak to each other, we not only are relaying specific messages, we are also experiencing a sharing of that energy, at times wonderful or at others very harmful.  The words we use can build a person up to believe that they can do anything that they put their mind to or can completely destroy all hope.  The words we choose can spark a fire in someone’s soul and ignite a passion that was once dormant or they can devastate one’s dreams and weaken a spirit.  Words can inspire a revolution to bring down corrupt corporations or individuals and can be what is necessary to stop further injustice.  Keeping this in mind, it is imperative that we are all cognizant of the words that we choose on a daily basis when communicating with others if our goal is to bring truth and love rather than harm. If it is peace that we are after, then our words must mirror that sentiment.  If it is strong direction that we are looking for, then our words must be able to inspire the masses to believe in a path towards a dream.  And, if it is love that we seek, then our words must be love infused and not nasty or harmful with gossip.   While there are times in life when we are disgruntled or spurred on by hurt or resentment, those are the times that it would do our highest self the most good to take a deep breath and think before we speak so we don’t attract more of the same bad feelings.  We can always resort to words of forgiveness if out passion overtakes us.   The good news is that as quickly as we can shift our words to give out negative energy, we can as quickly shift them to positive energy that aligns with kindness.  I think that it is safe to say that we all want to make a difference in this world  for the better and we all want to live joyous and fulfilling lives.  By  being impeccable with your word, you can bring more laughter, more love and more wonder to your life and the lives of others.  There is such a  beautiful energy when you meet another with speech that can impact and uplift the world in an amazing way.    So remember to speak with integrity, feel the energy behind what you intend to say and proceed in the direction of truth and love, for your words have a tremendous energy that impact your surroundings more  than you will ever know!

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