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Your gifts lie in the PRESENT!

Your gifts lie in the PRESENT!

“Be present – it is the only moment that matters.”

Dan MillmanAuthor of Way Of The Peaceful Warrior

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world today.  Uncertainty if you let it get the best of you can lead to fear, stress and worry about what might happen.  My gift to you today is to guide  your attention what is really important- it is YOUR PRESENT moment.  Open up this gift, it is filled with so many wonderful possibilities. Open up this gift, it is filled with magic and miracles.  Open up this gift, stay in the moment as you experience the company of your friends and family. 

We have all gone through trials and tribulations, make the choice to take the lesson from the experience and not allow the fear of reoccurrence to rob the beauty from your NOW.  We have all felt scared, believe that this is only a state of mind so why not choose to be courageous when facing the day.  Remember we are all in this together- it is the connections that you make in your present moments that will take you through.  Who is present with you? Who will hold your hand to get through it again?  Who has the divine sent to your life to give you messages, either clear or subtle?  Are you paying attention?   There are no coincidences in life, our lives are all based upon magical synchronistic events in time.  If you dwell on the past, you are going to miss it.  If you stay in the present and open us this amazing gift, you are going to get all that you need. Today, when you are doing what you are doing, put away your phones and be present.  Today, when you are moving through your world, be sure to look around you and take in the full experience.  Today, open your gift, it is there beautifully wrapped before and cherish everything that you take from it. And, truly the gifts lie in the present, you will begin to realize this when you start to believe that it is the only moment that matters!


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