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Your gifts lie in the present!

Your gifts lie in the present!

“Be present – it is the only moment that matters.”

Dan Millman 

There appears to be a lot of uncertainty in the world today.  With this uncertainty, you have a choice to travel down one of two roads: one that can lead to fear, stress and worry and the other that can guide you to your greatest gift, the present. If you choose the present moment, then by all means open up this gift for it is filled with so many wonderful possibilities. Open up this gift, it is filled with magic and miracles.  Open up this gift, stay in the moment and experience a great enthusiasm as you share in the company of your family and friends. Remember, when you take the road that guides you to your present, you will experience the connections that will strengthen you. If you choose the other path, it could be a very lonely place. Your life is filled with wonderful, magical synchronistic moments in time.  Be not afraid. You and everyone you meet are here on purpose, for a great purpose. Today, when you are moving through your world, be sure to look around you and make the most of the gifts that the present has to offer to care for you.  If you get stuck in worry, be kind to yourself and you will still find the beauty.  A beauty that will sustain you and ordain you to your higher calling with a belief that there is so much more than meets the eye. Your present comes to you from a heavenly place, how lucky are you. For when you unwrap the beautiful gifts of the present moment now with great zeal, the light from above will shine upon you and there you shall know peace.

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