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You show the world how great you are!

“My only fault is that I don’t realize how great I really am.”

Muhammad Ali

You show the world how strong you are.  Let hard work define you.  Let perseverance guide you.  Let faith and trust in yourself, God and the universe ultimately give way to effortless joy on the way to realizing your dreams.  You show the world how awesome you are.  Even if you don’t believe it right now, look in the mirror and be grateful for all that makes you you.  Don’t cower from the beauty that is your magnificent spirit. Embrace what you are and what you see.  Only allow suffering to be the catalyst to take you far beyond what you ever thought possible for yourself.  You show the world how courageous you are.  Be authentic as you allow and process your unresolved anger and welcome and celebrate your good cheer.  Be kind as your enthusiasm overtakes as you bask in the marvelous glow of life as it encompasses you.  You show the world how fabulous you are.  With a grace that is only yours, dance, sing, pray, and create.  Stand up for your uniqueness as a child of love.  Speak glory into your life as you advance confidently moving forward on this wonderful journey. Never looking back to regret a moment, for with this clarity you will have realized all along that you were created in the divine image.  And just by claiming and being you, you will have shown the world how great you really are!

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