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You originate from the extraordinary!

You originate from the extraordinary!

What an amazing thought to get you started today.  To channel the inner extraordinary, I am sitting at my computer with my brand new pink superhero cape.  I bought it to wear to the Live Like Bella 5K in March that honors the incredible life of a little girl gone too soon but who made an incredible lasting impact in the few years she was physically here. Something extraordinary really! A child who tapped into her superpower to bring her own brand of love and hope to a world so desperate for it.  To live a life from your own illuminated vision, spreading love with purpose, infused with unwavering faith that all will unfold as it should and poured over gratitude for the opportunity to do this, that is the something wonderful that I am talking about.  You are the miracle maker.  With or without the cape, go out and do your thing, spread your extraordinary in the connections you meet. And set out to do this without limits-see what your superpowers are as magic and miracles come into existence because of you!

Blessing & bliss- Meg

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