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The Prize, remember to keep your eyes on it!

“You keep your eyes on the prize, you try to do what’s right, and eventually, you’ll reach your goal.”  Eric Holder

Eyes on the Prize!

Happiness and Freedom are the prize! Those beautiful words that sing a promise of acceptance, hope, transformation and most of all love! That golden prize that beckons all of us to take the next best step and move forward.

But, why does it feel like an elusive goal? What are the blocks that come up that keep us from a liberation  from fear and worry?  When will we get out of our own way so that we can start to allow this wondrous journey to begin?

And, good news- if these questions stir a curiosity in your soul, then you have taken the first step on your own journey of a thousand miles. You are on your way. Now, it is time to do what is necessary to remove the blocks caused by our own lower vibrations. It is time to allay your fears and worries and leave a  clear path before you. Declutter, forgive, surrender, allow the details to materialize as you consciously walk forward. Be open to the magic and miracles that arise from the release of your restrictions and start blue-sky visioning again!

Be a great visionary!

All the greatest visionaries of our time have started off with a desire, whether big or small, that matched their dharma. They came to this incredible playground with the notion that they were here to learn something and do with the knowledge what they could. Be it leaps in innovation, medicine, or any act of service for that matter, they kept their eyes on the goal-their own personal prize. And to do so, they had to keep their focus strong and deal with their own limitations. This is what leads to fulfillment of destinies.

Therefore, as a deliberate creator, immerse yourself in events or moments that inspire your goals. There is a knowing that empowers the process of unfolding perfectly before you. Keep your eyes on the prize, ground yourself, be happy and free on this journey!

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