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With true friends, it is safe to share your soul!

While in a vulnerable place, they sit beside you and hold your hand. While looking for answers out of the confusion, they communicate in silence that you are not alone. While you may feel lost and lonely, the presence of a true friend is known as your heart recognizes an energy that can only be described as pure love.  For there you know that it is safe to share your soul, without having to be fixed or without needing permission. There you know that even in your darkest hour, your true friend will hold the light of hope until the joy and laughter can break in once again. There in the caring presence of a true friend, you can just be who you are, as you feel the emotions that arise from life’s toughest experiences. As you safely find the connection in your most difficult hour, when you make it through, that same friend will be there to rejoice with you as well. Because when you have a friend who is there for you, you are reminded by their presence alone that the beautiful colors of the world still exist and will return to your life again, it just takes time.  Look around and be grateful for your friends, isn’t it amazing to know that you have a safe place to share your soul?

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