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With courage, our dreams become reality!

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Walt Disney

Dreaming is as important to the spirit as breathing is to the body.  In the physical sense, we need to nurture our bodies by exercising and eating well.  However to keep balance in our lives, in the spiritual sense, we need to get in touch with the passion that rests in our souls that makes living worthwhile. And therein lies the dream.  When we are born into this world, our parents have hopes and dreams of greatness for our future.  As we grow as children, we start to grow wings as we dream for ourselves and travel through worlds created by our own unique imaginations.  As adults, we build upon the hopes of our parents and the fertile imaginations of our youth. We continue to foster the dreams that were born in our hearts on our first day of life, yet now have the tools to bring those dreams forth into our realities.  All we need is the courage to see them through. The courage to step beyond our fears of failure. The courage to meet doubt head on.  The courage to pursue the ideas that were born in us, given to us, to be discovered by us to enjoy the fantastic world that begs for us to explore. The courage to make all our dreams come true.  If we ask, believe, and have the courage to act, and begin to receive, the life we have imagined can be the life we are living.  When we start to believe and have faith in all that is possible for us, then we align with the hopes of our parents, the child within who dared to be whomever she wanted to be, and the adult whose courageous acts of faith allow those dreams to become a reality.

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