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Will I recognize you?

“Through pride we are ever deceiving ourselves. But deep down below the surface of the average conscience a still, small voice says to us. “Something is out of tune.” Carl Jung

In a world that is desperate for more love, why have I lost your flow.  Your energy will precede you, even if you are clothed differently, this I know.  From Heaven above, we descended below, dressed in a magic that would only grow.

Kissed with a fragrance that permeates the air, never ever thinking that anything but love would reside there.  Time after time, can it be true. Desperation arises from not finding you. The days, they pass on slow. Separated by an illusion that changed all of us so.  Something is out of tune, the world how it spins. To get back to center, your magic must set in.  Lessons to be learned, this journey from highs to lows.  Finding each other through a pure heart kind of love, is what we will know.

And year after year, pride taking control. My ego and its needs, yet missing you so. I remember you well, hatred will not win. In each of your faces, those eyes we look in. You look weary and worn, yet your spirit shining through. Still staying tight to the belief, deception won’t keep hold of you. Join me, oh would you please, through love tried and true. Put down your weapons, your words don’t fit you.

I wave through the veil, for I do recognize my dear; all hatred falls away, it cannot stand the energy so beautiful and new music to hear. We find where we connect, we will come back to this place. I recognize you my love, my friend. Love, you cannot erase!


Will I recognize you? was originally published on Meg Nocero

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