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What wonder can happen in 100 days? Day 4 and 5


I love tiaras. Not just because they are fun and pretty, but because there is something behind the energy when one is placed on your head.  You stand straighter, your head more erect, and believe it or not, you tend to look in the eyes of people who you meet.  Why is it that when we place a tiara on our head, our disposition or demeanor changes??? I suppose when people look at you with your tiara on, they start to think that you are something special or something special must have happened:  a pageant, a bachelorette party, something. . .   If that is the case, we all must don our tiaras each day, imaginary or not.  We all must go out, hold our heads up high and believe in how beautifully unique and special we are.

Today, I organized a meditation for my colleagues. Just 15 minutes in the middle of the day to quiet down and tune in. Tune in perhaps to that place where we shine the brightest, where everyday we can feel like it is “a tiara worthy” day. It was not a lot of time and certainly not a lot of effort, but it made me feel good to do this for myself and offer it up to others, the good that I feel when I wear a tiara.  Wonder comes in all shapes and sizes.  I find wonder in things that amaze me. Perhaps this small realization that everyday is a “tiara worthy” day is today’s gift of wonder. I am even sitting up straighter as I write this. So go grab onto your tiara just cause it is your thing, because today is a day made just for you and you might as well wear what makes you feel that way!

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