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What wonder can happen in 100 days? Day 2


I just came upon this photo taken almost four years ago. It was during a dark time in my life when most of my days were weighted down with a deep sense of grief after my mother passed away.  There were days where I thought that I would never laugh or smile again.  And yet, there were moments of joy amidst the darkness, a joy that was reawakened by the love of my children.  With the lightness of their love, in their presence I could find my smile and laughter again.  And this beautiful photo is a reminder that when everything feels like it could not get any better, there are those moments of wonder that keep us on track.

Yesterday, I felt such a surge of positive energy envelop me.  It was as if I was lit up from within. As I went through my day, I could feel the way others were reacting to my energy and it was wondrous!  Such a wonderful day.  Moments of connection with friends. Hearing good news.  Simple hugs from my children, and affection from my dogs, even dinner with my husband as we ended the day.  Keeping my commitments and ending the day writing in my gratitude journal. I am definitely off to a great start.

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